About Us



Queen Sheila Brand is named after Queen Sheila the visionary, an African woman and the household brand name of shopwgp. this brand was birthed in a very unstable time around the world 2020, yet it permeated through this hardship because its more than just shoes. Its a way of life. 

This brand gives affordability with quality, luxury and rare style in shoes and hand bags. Our product is carefully made with quality leather and other materials, catering to the comfort and durability needed. we make shoes that allow you to wear them whole day. we call it wearing shoes at your own terms. 

Every girl deserves a very good pair of shoes.


Note From Queen Sheila,

I served on the pulpit as a young preacher, faithfully doing my calling I knew I needed shoes that permitted me to stand a long time without bruises. My enormous love for shoes was apparent as I weekly changed in differently styles and most of the time owning shoes that were good looking and a pain to wear. when I discovered a way to rock my heels at my own terms, the versality of designs custom made shoes come with, owning my own brand, choosing own my material being part the journey of what makes a good shoe, I knew this was not only my solution but a solution for women around the world. 

The aim is to look exclusive and gorgeous without breaking a budget. 

I'm so glad the gloomy season I was in purposefully pushed me into a passion I genuinely love, that I make a living out of and share with the whole world. This brand is a result of faith, perseverance, prayer and hard work.

"I foresee every girl with a Queen Sheila pair in her closet".